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Yoga Offerings

What is yoga and how yoga affects on health?

Yoga is a system which has its origin in India thousands of years ago and has become popular in the Western world in the 20th century. The word Yoga means unity and is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj which means “join, unite”. From a more practical point of view, Yoga means to harmonise and balance the body, mind and soul. This is done through the practice of Asana, Pranayama, Bandha and Dhyana.

Asanas (yoga postures/poses) are in yoga the most important method to harmonise the physical body. There are various positions and movements that relieve tension, bring vitality, flexibility, stability and strength to your body. The spine plays a central role in yoga. The various movements in all directions lengthens the spine and removes blockages. The intervertebral discs are massaged, hydrated so that they can remain elastic.

Pranayama (yoga breathing) is the science of breath control. It includes various exercises that are intended to keep the body healthy and fit. The word Pranayama is derived from the following words: Prana – life energy, Yama – self-discipline, control, and Ayama – enlargement, spread, without limitation. 

Bandhas are internal muscular ‘locks’ that, when engaged,  support the toning and lifting of strategic areas of the body.

Dhyana (Meditation) is experienced very differently by each person. It can mean contemplation and physical and mental rest for some, happiness and peace for others. Meditation can also bring you new insights, new solutions, new ideas. Meditation means you being in contact with yourself and being at peace during that connection. Meditation means a state of consciousness.

The benefits of yoga are versatile. A regular yoga practice promotes: improved mobility, regulates muscle tone and prevents or even reduces pain. Yoga helps to establish good posture and healthy breathing, promotes peace and serenity, reduces stress and increases mindfulness and awareness. It has a positive effect on the blood circulatory system and internal organs.

Private class Offering

Yoga in individual lessons – just as unique as YOU are.

The aim of the individual lessons is to develop a custom tailored yoga programme that suits your needs and wishes.

In a non-binding preliminary talk, we clarify what is your current health condition, what your goals and your time constraints are.

Private lessons can also be carried out as a complement to a group course to deepen the understanding of the asanas or to facilitate the entry into a group course.

Price: Adapted to your needs and income.

Business Yoga Classes & Private Yoga Group Lesson Offering

You want to experience with friends, family and / or colleagues, an intense and very personal supervised yoga instruction in a small group (up to 4 people)?

Your employer provides you and your colleagues space, time and / or money for preventive health measures?

You want your employees to do something good and strengthen the team spirit while reducing sick-leaves?

Then the Business Yoga Classes and Private Yoga Group Lessons are the right thing for you! 

Price:  Starting with 60 € / 60min and on request. Adapted to your needs and income.

Me… as a yogi

My personal yoga journey began in the summer of 2008 in a small Aachener yoga studio. The reason that drove me there was my back pain – for which today I am very grateful. In this small Aachener yoga studio I spent four wonderful years. I started directly with power yoga and loved the feeling with which I went back home after the class. Body and mind united, rested and full of energy, although the mat was soaked in sweat. Here I could refuel and find  the way back to myself. This deep gratitude and love for the practice, I wanted to share with everybody that crossed my earthly path, so I’ve decided to attend a yoga teacher training.

Basis of my yoga teachings is the traditional Ashtanga Yoga, but refined and supplemented with elements from the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the Thai yoga massage, the Yin Yoga, fascia training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and finally martial arts. The Asanas are then usefully put together and connected through conscious breathing. The breath has here a particularly high importance, because people who practice the asanas without conscious breathing, only practiced a few fitness exercises and not yoga. Sometimes gently, sometimes hard, sometimes on the feet, sometimes on the hands, sometimes floating, sometimes grounded, sometimes serious, sometimes laughing, with or without music, the journey towards your inner self begins. A trip to meet yourself again, to discover your inner child again, a trip for yourself to yourself.

It’s not always about what or how you feel at a certain moment, but what you learn out of this moment, what remains for an extended period of time… maybe even your entire life. My teachers inspire me immensely, and sometimes they say something that unlocks a door in my heart, muscles or brain and that stays with me forever. Be Mindful! Take the yoga with you, off the mat, and use what you discover about yourself during the class to live more, love more, do what your heart tells you to do, unite body, heart and mind into one. Because today you are a better version of yourself than yesterday.

My classes are based on your own needs and on your own body type. No two people are the same. This means that no two bodies can perform in the same manner Savasana. So why should we try to press our unique body into the asana when we can adjust the asana to our body?

Yoga will give you the essentials means to know your own body. I will teach you the asanas in a safe and healthy way, without having to be frustrated that you didn’t “make” the pose!

I teach a Mindful Yoga, a fusion between Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga that was made and inspired by my students , so that you can feel, activate and observe during the Hatha part, flow through the learned asanas during the Vinyasa part and sweetly release, relax and prepare for shut down during the Yin part.

My Teacher Training:

My Work History:

The Basics of Applied Anatomy and Anatomy for Yoga Teacher Training Course with David Keil

Yoga Medicine – Hip Immersion for Teachers with Tiffany Cruikshank

Yoga Medicine – Shoulder Immersion for Teachers with Tiffany Cruikshank

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Markus Henning Giess

Yoga Teacher Training @ YUJ Yoga Academy Cologne

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