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This is my second time traveling to Dresden, the heart of Saxony and I am enchanted! Speechless by its beauty and historical display. The ‘Baroque capital of the world’ captures our attention by the numerous baroque styled buildings wherever your turn, literally. 

During World War II, huge part of Dresden was bombed and destroyed almost completely. Most of the city’s buildings were damaged beyond repair after the bombings which meant the city had to rebuild most of its buildings after the war. 

Today, much of the city has been subsequently reconstructed with modern buildings, broad streets and squares, and green open spaces, to preserve as far as possible the character of the old city. The heart of Dresden is still a cluster of Baroque churches and Rococo-style Zwinger on the bank of the Elbe, in the old city. 

Zwinger Palace Crown Jewel Dresden
Zwinger Palace Crown Jewel Dresden by Alexandra Vlad

Traveling to Dresden – A City Destoyed

By early 1945, it was clear that the Nazi regime was nearing its end, defeat was imminent and the Allied Forces bombing intensified. And then, between 13 and 15 February 1945, Allied Forces air raids destroyed Dresden almost completely.

Post-war Saxony came under communist rule and its capital, Dresden, began rebuilding, with some classic baroque Dresden buildings being recreated. By 1963, there was a new Zwinger, by 1985 a new Semper Opera House. 

Zwinger Palace Dresden
Zwinger Palace Dresden by Alexandra Vlad

Down Town Dresden - The Zwinger Palace

Augustus the Strong had this Baroque piece of art created by the architect Matthaeus Daniel Poeppelmann and the sculptor Balthasar Permoser in the early 18th century.

Best tips Traveling With Dogs
Zwinger In Dresden by Alexandra Vlad

Thor is feeling King-like in Zwinger Palace Dresden.

Traveling To Dresden
Thor and the Crown Jewel Zwinger Dresden by Alexandra Vlad

No matter where you look there is a jewel to admire

Once we got out of the Zwinger yet another beauty hits our eyes and makes us gasp in awe: the Dresden’s Cathedral. 

DOM Dresden
Dresden Cathedral by Alexandra Vlad

Dear Dresden, I heard you are even more beautiful during the winter. We’ll be back! 

xoxo Alex and Thor

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