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Traveling​ To Aachen

Traveling to Aachen - View Over Aachen from Lousberg

Aachen - A Historical Hot Spa

Why should you travel to Aachen? Well, let me and Thor help you out a bit here. This is our home town and we love it!

Over 5,000 years of history can be explored in Aachen. The chronicles of Aachen date back to the Neolithic period when flint was mined in the area.

One of  Aachen’s richness is its thermal baths. The Romans used Aachen as a spa and health resort – one of the hottest springs north of the Alps spring out here at a temperature of 73° Celsius (163.4 F).

Charlemagne subsequently made Aachen his imperial residence, where coronations took place until the 16th century.

Traveling to Aachen - The Charlemagne Route

Follow the “Charlemagne Route” and you’ll discover all the main attractions in Aachen. 

Traveling to Aachen - Rathaus City Hall
City Hall Aachen by Alexandra Vlad

The highlight on this route is, without any doubt, Aachen Cathedral. Together with the palatial city hall, it forms the heart of the picturesque old town.

Traveling to Aachen - Dom Cathedral
The Cathedral of Aachen by Alexandra Vlad

The sensational octagonal architecture of the cathedral, which was completed in Charlemagne’s reign in 803, served as the coronation throne for an amazing 30 Roman-German kings until 1531.

Traveling to Aachen - The Fountain “Circulation of Money”
The Fountain “Circulation of Money” and Thor by Alexandra Vlad

The Fountain “Circulation of Money” or Kreislauf des Geldes is an original fountain and interesting landmark in Aachen. Situated in the historic center near Elisengarten, it was created by Karl-Henning Seemann in 1976. Depicting the circulation of money, the fountain presents six bronze figures: a woman that symbolizes the thrift, while the leaning man shows the avarice. You can also see a father with his child explaining how to deal with money. The centrifugal movement of water exemplifies the steady flow of money.

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Traveling to Aachen - Bonus Tipp

My tip for your sweet tooth is the “Aachener Printen”. The most famous delicacy of the town is a spicy Lebkuchen pastry, similar to gingerbread, which has been produced in the region since 1820. But don’t stop only with Aachener Printen. Aachen is home to several Chocolate factories! YES, CHOCOLATE FACTORIES! Sometimes you can just smell the chocolate in the air. Yummy.

xoxo Alex & Thor

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